Antenny is a new AWS Software-as-a-Service Marketplace Product. It's primary purpose is to provide fully managed persistent connections in order to simplify your AWS infrastructure. Antenny supports numerous protocols all designed for real-time updates.

Most modern applications can be implemented through a set of serverless function calls. However, keeping a persistent connection to an outside server is not fesible with modern serverless architectures.

Instead of provisioning large networking infrastructures, opening a persistent connection is as easy as a few clicks, or a simple api call. This enables you to concentrate on substantive business logic instead of complex virutal machines or networking topologies.


  • WebSocket
  • HTTP Long Polling
  • HTTP Streaming
  • Server-Sent Events

Antenny supports a number of different protocols. Along with WebSocket there is a number of different http protocols Antenny accepts. These protocols should be negotiated automatically, however you may need to include certain headers.

Fully Managed

Subscriptions on Antenny are fully managed. This means that once your subscription is created, it is automatically provisioned and held open. If the server disconnects, Antenny will attempt to reconnect indefinititly. Antenny is also provisioned across multiple regional availability zones, which means that subscriptions will maintain high uptimes.


Subscriptions can created on-demand at any time. You are only charged for time that your subscription is created and active to the nearest whole hour. You are also only charged for incomming data you receive. You are able to cancel any subscription at anytime.

Developer Friendly

Antenny was created by developers, for developers. Concepts are easy, and well documented. Interacting with Antenny can be done via the antenny admin panel, or via various api sdks. We also pride ourselves on being very responsive to our customers concerns or requests. Please don't hesistate to contact us.