Fully Managed Persistent IO

Pay-as-you-go persistent connections as an AWS marketplace product

New Antenny is a new SaaS product which can be billed just like other AWS products.

Pay For What You Use

Once subscribed, you only pay for the socket connections and bandwidth you use.

Developer Friendly

Integrations are simple and easy to use. Along with wide support for different programming languages.


You can easily scale from a single to multiple connections across different regions if you choose.

Use Cases

With Antenny, your app can respond to Real-Time Updates. Need to know where the market is moving, when something is tweeted, or even what the weather is? The possibilities are endless.

How It Works

Antenny maintains a persistent connection to a resource on your behalf.


Your Endpoint
Your Endpoint
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Concentrate on What Matters

Modern apps are serverless, which has helped developers concentrate on business functionality and not infrastructure. However, maintaining persistent connections cannot be done on modern serverless architectures. This is where Antenny comes in.

Reimagine Application Architectures

With Antenny, application architectures that rely on persistent IO can be completely redesigned and reimagined making them simpler and less expensive.