Per Subscription
~ $ 8 /month
+ Incomming Data
$0.012 per Hour
$0.001 per MB
  • Simple
  • Flat-rate
  • Predictable

Antenny has a simple pricing scheme for all subscriptions. Charges are accrued for each subscription allocated per hour. Along with the hourly charge, you will also be charged according to the size and frequency of incomming data. Values reported for each dimension are rounded up to the nearest whole integer. We are also exploring licencing models to allow organizations to run antenny in their own AWS accounts. If you are interested in this, please contact us .

Key Terms

Subscription-Hour: a subscription-hour is an hour worth of subscription allocation time. It is the smallest divisible unit that can be charged. This means that for any partial hour(s) a subscription is allocated, will be rounded up to a full hour when charged. This is very similar to how amazon aws ec2 operates. A key note here is that when a charged are computed "actively." This means that listeners report when they are allocated for your subscription. In the event of extended system downtime or failure, listeners will not report and subsequently, charges will not be incurred.

Incomming Data: incomming data are data frames that are received from the subscribed websocket. This does not include any ping-pong frames that are used to maintain the connection.


1. Assume you create one subscription on midnight June 1st. This subscription receives an average of 1MB worth of data per day. This table summaries the total charges for the month:

Timeframe Dimension Usage Totals
1 Month Subscription-Hour 720Hrs * $0.012 $8.64
1 Month Incomming Data 30Dys * 1MB * $0.001 $0.03
- - - $8.67

2. Assume you create four subscriptions on midnight June 1st. But halfway through the month you need connect to additional servers. You allocate an additional 20 subscriptions. Each subscription receives 1MB of data per hour. This table summaries the total charges for the month:

Timeframe Dimension Usage Totals
15 Days Subscription-Hour 1440Hrs * $0.012 $17.28
15 Days Subscription-Hour 8640Hrs * $0.012 $103.68
1 Month Incomming Data 10080Hrs * 1MB * $0.001 $10.08
- - - $131.04