Is WebSocket the only protocol you support?

Right now WebSocket is the only supported protocol, but we hope to add others. These might include Server-sent events and HTTP long polling.

How long does it take to connect?

Most of the time a subscription listener is allocated almost instantly. However, there are situations where it could take up to a few minutes for a listener to be allocated to your subscription.

What is the format of the messages I can expect?

The format of the messages can be found in our documentation.

Do you support any other delivery methods?

Right now HTTP is the only delivery method, however we are exploring alternatives such as SNS, SQS, or EventBridge.

What uptime garuntees does Antenny have?

Antenny can't make any garuntees about the uptime of individual subscriptions. However, Antenny takes every step to ensure the highest amount of availability possible.

What if the WebSocket server goes down?

Subscription listeners attempt to reconnect automatically, and will do so until canceled.

What regions does antenny support?

Subscriptions can be created in any of the following AWS regions: us-east-1, us-east-2, us-west-1, us-west-2, ap-northeast-1, ap-northeast-2, ap-southeast-1, ap-southeast-2, eu-central-1, eu-west-1, eu-west-2.

How did Antenny get it's name?

Antenny is an alternative spelling of antennae, which is the plural form of antenna.